About SEWD

Mission: To improve the health and economic well-being of refugees and immigrant women and children in Minnesota.

SEWD is a non-profit organization based in Minnesota. We originally focused our work in the East Africa where war and political instability destroyed the infrastructure and well being of the whole population. There we worked to improve the living conditions of women and children by providing basic human services such as workforce development, primary health care and Women’s Empowerment. We recognized the significant need by East African women in Minnesota which compelled us to change our focus to Minnesota with a goal of helping refugee and immigrant women and children improve their health and economic well-being.

SEWD grew out of the vision of Fozia Ali to improve the living conditions of underprivileged individuals in the Horn of Africa. While visiting Ethiopia in 2010, Fozia noticed that the individuals in this area did not have access to basic human services. In a region where war and political instability has destroyed the infrastructure and well-being of the whole population, Fozia wanted to create a humanitarian organization that works against global poverty.



Fozia Ali

Fozia Ali is the Executive Director and Founder of Somali Emerging Women Development and has made great strides towards growing her organization by helping her community. FOS founded SEWD in 2011 with the hopes of making a difference in her community. As of today, the organization has done exactly that,  providing medical supplies and books to those less fortunate.

Fozia continues to provide leadership as well as guidance as the head of the organization while collaborating with the board of directors. Fozia has an A.S. in Information Technology and a B.S. in Health Care Management from Globe University.


Our Board

Osman Mohamed Ali- Founder and Executive Director of the Somali Museum of Minnesota

Ashley Johnson- Program Manager for transitional housing program

Kingdom Kanu- Independent Insurance Agent

Fartun Aidid- Graduate student at St. Mary’s University